4 Job Search Tactics Your Competition May Not Know About

unemployedimage1) Don’t Just Say, Show
Go through your bullet points on your resume one-by-one. Can you show proof that you know how to do the skills stated on paper?  Actions speak louder than words, so if you can prove it with portfolio pieces or other samples, by all means do so. We’ve seen candidates create short presentations, blog posts for their new company and other samples for a job they’re interested in. You can also add links to work you’ve done on your LinkedIn profile. You can also self-publish your own long form posts right from the site. What better way to showcase your expertise?

2) Make Your Thank You Count
Why limit yourself to a cookie cutter, boring thank you? There are ways to be creative without being too over the top, yet still standing out. You could create a “Top 10 reasons you should hire me” list with bullet points. What about sending a postcard you created (see #3 below), incorporating your new company’s logo? Or, make your own infographic.  **Note: Try to find out when the hiring decision will be made. This will determine whether to email a thank you or mail it in. You don’t want to make the mistake of mailing the thank you if it’s going to arrive too late in the process.

3) Take advantage of free tools
Even if you’re not a designer/creative type, there are quite a few intuitive, user friendly, free tools that allow you to make professional images and other visuals in very little time. Give these two a try: Canva.com & Haikudeck

4) Incorporate Testimonials Into Your Reference Sheet
Want to take it up a notch? Add testimonials from LinkedIn, positive comments from performance reviews, saved emails and any other kudos you’ve received along the way. You should always  gather and save accolades like this to use as part of your job search arsenal.

In today’s competitive job search market, putting together a compelling resume and cover letter is often not enough. Back up the claims you made with solid evidence showing you have what it takes to thrive at your potential new job.

P.S. Have you used any unusual or unique tactics that helped you get a job? Let us know!

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