4 Reasons Why Fall Can Be A Good Time For Your Job Search


Start your search before the leaves start falling!

Think hiring gets put on hold because the end of the year is near? Not true! Companies still hire, and some amp up their search. Here’s why:

1) Fewer people go on vacation in the Fall
According to Oldcastle Staffing Manager Erin Bardwell, “It’s much easier to coordinate first and second interviews among corporate recruiters, human resources and the other team members involved in the hiring process.” More people in the office means a better chance of you being seen sooner.

2) The school year is more like the New Year
School children aren’t the only ones who start fresh when the calendar turns to September. The change of seasons can be a big motivator. Most people associate January with resolutions, but Fall is also known as a time of renewal. The transition to shorter days, cooler weather and a more regimented schedule (for parents with kids) can be a catalyst to make a career change and go after that new position.

3) The Summer lull is over
According to this Monster.com article about Seasonal Hiring Trends, “Hiring slows down in July before picking up at the end of August.” Take advantage of this window of opportunity.

4) It’s easier to find time now before the holiday season

We’ve all been there. The time between Halloween and New Year’s seems to fly by in the blink of an eye. There are presents to buy, food to cook, parties to attend and family functions to enjoy. Before the frenzy begins, start mapping out your job search strategy now. Take action so you don’t regret it in the New Year.

Bottom line time:
The truth of the matter is – hiring does occur all year. Some times are better than others, and it can also depend on the industry and types of positions available. If you slacked off a bit this Summer, don’t beat yourself up. Simply start again! And, if you haven’t started to search, but thought you would have to wait until the New Year to search, don’t do it! There are organizations that continue to fill open positions from now until 2016.

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P.S. We are one of those organizations that hire all year. Check out our current openings.

This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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One response to “4 Reasons Why Fall Can Be A Good Time For Your Job Search

  1. Fall is definitely one of the best times to be looking for a job! The summer rush is over after many organizations have hired a large amount of fresh college/university grads. I also write a HR and job searching blog, check it out @ http://www.interviewknowledge.com

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