Why Is A Good Resume So Important?

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You might find yourself asking, “Why is a resume so important?” This answer can be as simple or as complex as you want your resume. The real question should be, “What do I want my resume to do for me?”

I find that making a resume can be very tricky. To put it simply: If you were buying an expensive piece of electronic equipment, leasing/buying a car or a home and were not able to see it in person, what would you want the write-up to say about this particular item that you are looking to invest in? What can the “For Sale” sign say that is going to make you want to learn more?

So, how do you want to sell YOURSELF? What differentiates you from the rest of the pack? What is going to tell that prospective employer that YOU stand out from the rest, that you are worth spending more time with, learning more about, and hopefully extending an offer to?

The resume is your first chance to impress a potential employer. It gives you a chance to capture their attention without even having to meet them. If a potential employer only spends a few to several seconds on each resume, what impact do you want to make on what could possibly be your only opportunity to impress? In such a competitive job market, it is very important to stand out among the other candidates interested in a specific opportunity.

Your resume should do 4 very important things:
1) Show that you are qualified
2) Prove that you are actually passionate or care about the kind of work that you have been doing
3) Prove you understand how to do your job/the field in which you have been in
4) Show not only that you could do this job, or how you did the job, but HOW WELL you did that job

I can’t emphasize enough just how important a good resume really is. I believe you will get out of a resume what you put into a resume. This is a piece of paper that proves that you are worth investing any additional time in. This is always the first step to a great opportunity!

deonnaGuest blogger Deonna Campbell is a Corporate Recruiter for the Oldcastle Precast division. She reviews hundreds of resumes weekly. She also writes for her own blog: Resumes That Win!

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