Don’t Let Your Job Search Take A Holiday

xmasHo, Ho, Ho! “The holidays are here. Time to put my job search on hold.”  No, No, No!

Job searching is similar to embarking on a diet and fitness regimen. It’s something you need to devote time to every day. Sure, you can have a rest day or two, but you have to keep at it. If you throw in the towel, you could end up heavier and more out of shape than the year before, and still looking for that new opportunity.

Amy Keenan, a Corporate Recruiter for Allied Building Products, says that Even though the holiday season is here, it doesn’t mean that searching for a job needs to take the back seat with Santa’s Elves!  A lot of candidates that are looking for a new opportunity think that employers are not looking due to end of the year budgets, but that is not true. Employers ARE actively looking to bring a new candidate on-board when the month of January comes.  So, if you are serious enough about the opportunity, persistence will pay off with an employer for an opportunity, especially around the holidays when the candidate pool slows down due to travel and vacations.” And, don’t forget those holiday parties! They’re a great way to rub elbows and network while you’re looking for new opportunities!”

In case you still aren’t  convinced, we asked Staffing Manager Rob Mischler for his thoughts. “Employers may certainly slow on the decisions/offers made during the holidays, but the postings that remain create a pool of candidates to quickly dig into once the new year begins.  They may be waiting on budget or approvals. It’s better to be “in the game” when it matters vs. coming in later.”

Geoff Bieber, a Recruiter for Allied Building Products, brings up another good point. “Life continues, and the holidays don’t slow that down. Someone could up and leave tomorrow, leaving a huge gap to fill. If you don’t have your “hat in the ring,” then you’ll never be considered.”

Listen – we aren’t trying to be the Grinch! We still want you to enjoy the festivities with family and friends. But, between the caroling and the champagne, try to continue on with your job search efforts. Compromise – spend half the time you normally devote to searching.

Remember, some effort is better than none at all. “Why put it off? Sure, you can wait to start your search until the New Year, but you lose momentum and may miss out on some opportunities,” says Deonna Campbell, a Corporate Recruiter for Oldcastle Precast. Schedule the time for it now, and you could be the recipient of the best gift of all in the New Year – a new job!

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This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIN.

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