Jennifer Burley, Staffing Administrator, Oldcastle Inc.


Photo courtesy of University of Washington Tacoma

What do you do in your position?
 I’m the Staffing Administrator for the recruiting office here at Oldcastle. Most of what I do is onboarding of our new hires – from sending offer packets and reviewing their new hire paperwork to running background checks, coordinating drug screens, answering questions from our hires and ultimately ensuring that the hiring process runs smoothly after the recruiter gives them their employment offer. I do this for many groups that fall under Oldcastle – Allied Building Products, Precast, Architectural Products Group (APG), Building Envelope (OBE) etc. The remainder of my duties include providing administrative support to the recruiters and staffing managers in our office.

What month/year did you start? 
I started in June of 2014.

Where is your job located?
It is located in Rochester, NY.

What do you like about working here?
I like knowing that I make a direct impact on someone’s life. Taking that leap of faith from one job to another is huge – and I pride myself in making sure that the hire feels welcomed and supported, and that the hiring process is a positive and efficient one for all involved. I am excited to get to know a hire during the process and often hear back from them after they are hired, and they tell me how happy they are. That is why I do what I do.

What are the best parts of your job?
Every day is different. I’m always learning something new and it is a very busy position. I’m never at a loss for finding something to do. The time goes by quickly!

Why do you think Oldcastle is a good place to work?
It’s really great to work with so many forward-thinking colleagues. I’m excited to see the many projects that we are currently working on in order to create more efficiencies in our processes. I’m also inspired by the dedication that I see on a daily basis from the team that I work with. I’m humbled to be a part of it.

How would your coworkers describe you?
Hopefully, they would say that I am  funny, positive and a hard-worker.

buildingDo you have any funny or interesting work stories to share?
For many years, I worked on a college campus at the University of Washington. One of the oldest buildings on campus used to be a brothel over a century ago. So, you can imagine my grandmother’s horror when I told her that I worked at a brothel!

If you would like, tell us about your family
I’m a proud mother of my daughter Jasmine. Special shout-out to my parents, including my mother (a two-time cancer fighter), and my sister.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I recently became a homeowner, so I find most of my days are spent doing DIY projects. I also love to travel, cook and go to the movies.

Just for fun, we want to know – what was your first job ever?
I worked with my best friend at a local motel cleaning the rooms. You can imagine why we didn’t last long.

Want to learn more about Jennifer?
Connect with her on LinkedIn.   

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