Clear The Clutter, Get A Better Job


Get your “career house” in order this year!

‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. Have you made yours? 45% of us do. Last year, according to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, getting organized came in at #2 of most popular resolutions. While it ranked lower than losing weight, it ranked above staying fit, saving money, and spending more time with the family. When the stats for 2014 come in, I’m sure they will rank similarly.

If you’re looking to find a job or switch careers this Winter, you can benefit from tidying up. Whether you think it impacts you or not, it can be very hard to concentrate knowing that there are dishes in the sink, clothes piled in the corner and paperwork fighting for your attention. When you’re unsettled in one area of your life, it trickles into other areas.

There is a freeing feeling knowing that there is a place for everything and that everything is in it’s place. It’s not just a cliche. Clearing the clutter can really help clear your mind. When your house is in disarray, it’s easy to misplace things. You waste time searching, lose money replacing items you already had and expend effort that could be better spent on your job search. End this frustration once and for all! While it can be hard to garner the energy to declutter and clean, the rewards from doing so really can make a difference.

How to combat this
There are countless stores with products devoted to getting organized. When it comes to your job search and the here and now though, you don’t really need to spend a dime or do anything complicated or fancy.

1) Gather all your job search material in one place and designate this as your “job search zone.” Be strict about it. Don’t allow other bills, magazines, newspapers, etc. to creep into this spot.

2) Make sure this job search zone is in a clean and uncluttered room. Take the time to clear out, donate and discard the unnecessary. The idea is to make the room an inviting space. The job search takes time, and you need a pleasant place to devote your energy to it.

3) If the rest of your house needs an early spring cleaning, then bite the bullet and do it. “Why am I wasting my time cleaning when I need a job?” It’s not a waste of time! If it puts you in a better frame of mind to do the work and handle the ups and downs associated with the job search, then it’s well worth it.

4) If you need some extra motivation, there are numerous self help books and online articles on how to get organized. Many offer similar advice, such as devoting 15 minutes a day to each room. Or, you could look into the newest thoughts on organizing by category – called the Konmari Method. The book describing this method of “tidying up” is currently rated the #1 Self Help book on Amazon. It offers a new way of thinking about clutter and its impact on your life. If you’re stuck and looking to try something new, it may be worth a look.

Whatever method you decide, the takeaway here is not about the method, but the mind set. The right mind set can be very powerful and life changing in many areas of your life – from your career and your health, to your finances and relationships. Once you make the decision to let go of the clutter (mental and physical), you can really concentrate on your goals and what’s important to you.

Good luck on your personal and career journey in 2015!

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This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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