Don’t hide like a Sasquatch in the forest – get noticed!


Bigfoot’s LinkedIn Profile Leaves A Bit To Be Desired


A BigFoot pizza!

One day, Bigfoot will be found. And, if you want, so will you – by a Recruiter!

If you’re a top performer and your company is taking care of you, you may not be on sites like or However, even if you’re not actively looking for a job, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be networking with recruiters and learning about new opportunities.

Don’t Be Like Bigfoot (who tries to hide from everyone)
Do the opposite, and figure out where recruiters hang out (on-line) and make yourself visible. Even if you aren’t interested, recruiters will reach out to you (if you’re not Bigfoot), present you with opportunities, and learn about what you may be looking for in a job.  You even have the chance to refer friends and colleagues. A good recruiter (like the ones here at Oldcastle) will search various sites and network with industry experts.

Keywords Count
Make sure you are on LinkedIn with up-to-date information.  Your LinkedIn profile should contain the same keywords that a recruiter might use when searching for candidates.

For example, Kevin Lissow, a Corporate Recruiter at Oldcastle, uses the following words and terms when searching for an IT Project Manager:

  • (“Information Technology” OR “I.T.” OR “IT”) AND (“Project Manager” OR “PM” OR “P.M.”) AND (“PMP” OR “Project Management Certification”) AND (“SDLC” OR “Software”) NOT “Recruiter”

Note – this is just one search string. Would you turn up in his search?  Think about keywords a Recruiter would use to search for someone in your industry or job function.  Do you need to modify your profile to be found?  Put yourself in the head of a Recruiter (if you dare) and think about the terms they might use to search for someone with your skill sets.   Better yet, ask a Recruiter.


Bigfoot image from infamous 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film

Think about it – Bigfoot does none of these things and none of the Recruiters I work with have ever contacted the elusive Sasquatch.

Don’t be a Bigfoot.  Make it easy for a Recruiter to find you, whether you are looking for a job or not.  You never know how that connection could benefit you in the future.

It’s Not All About LinkedIn
If you want to be found by a Recruiter, be sure to explore the other Social Media sites out there.  Oldcastle is represented on sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube.  Be social, contribute content to sites, search for channels in your industry to share knowledge, and include Recruiters in that search so you can connect with them.

More old-school when it comes to networking?
Try getting out in the community at local networking events.  Meet those in your industry and your community.  Start networking.  Recruiters are in the business to search out good qualified candidates. They use many methods – including old fashioned networking.  

It takes time to build up your network, so stick with it and make it a daily practice.  While it may not pay immediate dividends, give it time.

A recruiter’s job is to find the best qualified candidate for the company they represent.  They read the applications that come in, they search the boards, they network and they utilize all available resources in hopes of finding the elusive best candidate.  Give yourself a shot and get out there.  Reach out to recruiters in your industry and start networking.

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coreyAbout Corey: Guest blogger and Bigfoot buff Corey Listar is a Staffing Manager for the Oldcastle Recruiting team in Rochester, NY. He has a Masters degree in Career & Human Resource Development and over 15 years of experience in staffing, recruiting and human resources.

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