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Say So Long To Sunday Night Blues

beachKnowing that a fun-filled weekend is about to come to an end can cause a twinge of sadness for even the most enthusiastic employee. The dark mornings and cold Winter days can also play into these feelings. Fortunately, there are things you can do to minimize Monday morning malaise.

1) End the weekend on a more relaxing note
Do you tend to jam pack your weekends so you rush home from a trip or outing without leaving time to decompress? Instead, try to schedule yourself enough time to wind down. During this time, do something relaxing. What about going to a movie early Sunday evening? There are fewer crowds. Other options include taking a leisurely shower (unlike the rushed one you take Monday morning), listening to music or reading a book.

2) Do an electronics clean sweep
This one is going to be a challenge for many people. However, study after study shows that the blue light emitted from our electronics (including smart phones, TVs and computers) has a very detrimental effect on our sleep quality. Along the same lines, having these devices in your bedroom is a sure-fire way to increase the time it takes to get to sleep, as well as negatively impact the quality level of the sleep you do get.

According to The National Sleep Foundation’s 2014 Sleep In America poll, “Electronics in the bedroom are pervasive. These electronics are found in both the parents’ bedrooms as well as their children’s bedrooms. Leaving the devices on at night can be particularly disruptive to sleep.”

There was a time, not so long ago (relatively speaking), when we weren’t tethered to this technology. Watching or using these devices too close to bedtime is a no-no – for parents and children. A good night’s sleep is critical to a productive work week. Take this tip seriously and retire your electronic devices when you retire to the bedroom. You may experience withdrawal in the beginning, but, in the long run, this step can really make a positive difference in your life.

3) Streamline your transition into the work week
A frenzied start to the work week is not the way to go. Have your outfit ready, lunch prepared and everything else you need the night before – so you can just grab it and go. Good habits like this go a long way towards making Monday morning stress more manageable. A less harried routine, commute and transition into the work week is the goal. Whatever small actions you can take to bring added comfort and convenience to your day is going to help put you in a better mood for the duration of the week.

4) Plan something fun for early in the week and beyond
Who says you can’t go out to dinner on a Monday or Tuesday? While some restaurants are closed Monday evenings, many are not. Setting a date to go out gives you something to look forward to. And, unlike Friday or weekend evenings, there will be fewer people. Take some time to relax and re-energize for the rest of the week. Along the same lines, don’t forget to plan short and long term events to look forward to. Just knowing you are going on a day trip or vacation is sure to brighten your mood.

5) Start off the week with a pleasant task
Don’t dive into that stress-inducing report first thing. Tackle something easier. Every job has duties that are more enjoyable than others. Give yourself a break and start with those less taxing, more mindless responsibilities first.

6) Acknowledge your feelings
It’s normal to feel a bit sad when the weekend comes to a close. However, if your feelings start to intensify into anger, depression or overwhelming dread, it may be time for a job change. These emotional red flags are more than than just the Sunday night blues.

What about you? Do you have any advice on how to make the transition back into the work week easier? We would love to hear what you think.

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This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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How To Find A Company To Love

waterheartLook Beyond Big Names
In the market for a new job? It’s easy to be drawn to well-known companies. The glamour! The pay! The Facebook bragging rights! However, lesser known companies (big and small) can offer just as much in terms of salary, benefits and work satisfaction. Not every company (or industry) has the same marketing budget or name recognition, yet can be well worth looking into and pursuing. In addition, there is less competition to get your foot in the door.

To get started:
1) Make a list of what is important to you
If working at a well-known name is a deal breaker, then by all means target those companies. Just know that the competition to get in will be fierce. But, if you’ve given it your all and are not even getting calls for a phone screen, you may want to reevaluate your plan. Is placing such an emphasis on a well-known company part of your strategy to get into an even bigger name in that particular industry? Again, if that is your goal, that is perfectly fine. However, to save yourself time and effort (and possibly cut your job search time in half), draw up a list of job and company must-haves BEFORE you start your search.

2) Keep an open mind
Considering and applying to a company that is lesser known IS a leap of faith. However, for many fields, the industry or company does not matter, as the job role is the same – it’s just a different working environment. The same job search goals apply. Big or small, well-known or not, you want to find an organization that treats people fairly, pays well and has benefits that fit in with your lifestyle.

“If the job allows you to do work that you enjoy, with people who you like and respect, then the industry or company name brand/recognition factor shouldn’t really come into play.”

2) Do your research
Let’s say you’re doing a search on Monster or Indeed and come across a company you’ve never heard of. That doesn’t mean it’s not a well-respected player in its industry. Go to the company’s website and Google to research it a little more. Glassdoor can be a good source as well. Although, take the opinions on there with a grain of salt, as it does err on the side of the disgruntled employee. If it’s an industry you’re unfamiliar with, dig a little deeper. Look up professional and industry related associations. See how the company ranks. Don’t forget to reach out to any of your acquaintances on social media (especially LinkedIn) if they happen to be in that industry. If it’s a smaller, local organization, a trip to the library may be in order. Yes, offline research! The librarian can direct you to various materials and other information about the organization that may not be available online.

Don’t Buy Into The Hype
Our recruiters have talked to many job seekers who won’t even look at a company because the company is unfamiliar or seems “boring.” Boring is in the eye of the beholder. A job is what you make it. Do you want to wait for the perfect big name? Some people hold out and end up being unemployed or stuck in their current unhappy job situation for longer than they need to be. Why not consider an organization that is not as well-known? It pays to look beyond the big guns. It could be the best job you ever had!

This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIn. Please share it if you found it to be helpful!


Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With more than 2,000 locations throughout North America, we are in constant pursuit of the next generation of successful decision makers, leaders and problem solvers. Learn more about joining the Oldcastle team HERE.

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