Out of Luck? 5 Signs To Watch Out For At Work

Be wary if you experience any of these things:
1) You’re left out of meetings
If you are no longer invited to meetings that you used to attend, or find yourself not being invited to as many meetings as before, this is cause for concern. You can ask your boss or manager why you are no longer required to attend, but make sure your tone/manner is not defensive or panicked. If you are still invited to meetings, but not called upon or asked to contribute, this can be another red flag.
2) Your formerly-friendly boss/managers and colleagues are now distant
If coworkers or management are now aloof or indifferent towards you, this can be a warning sign. Try to initiate conversations and keep the dialogue open.
3) You’re not kept in the loop on current/upcoming projects
Being shut out of important initiatives is a big clue that something is up. Attempt to become involved again, but don’t be pushy about it.
4) Things just seem “off”
Listen to your intuition. Do you get a funny feeling in the pit of your stomach that things are not as they should be? 9 times out of 10, that gut feeling is correct. Don’t do anything drastic (like quitting), but start to formulate a plan going forward. In the long term, this may involve leaving, but remember – you also need a plan for the short term. How are you going to handle the day-to-day differences you are experiencing?
5) Business has been down
If your organization or industry is facing tough times, you better get your game face on and put a plan into action.Don’t be in denial. Always be proactive and prepared. Start working on your resume, update your LinkedIn profile (keep your activity settings private for now in order to keep your search in stealth mode) and reconnect with former colleagues and other people in your network.

Have you ever experienced any of these warning signs? What did you do when you felt the “writing was on the wall”? We would love to hear about it!

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As always, thank you for reading!

This post, by our Social Media Specialist (Recruiting Office), originally appeared on LinkedIn. Please share it if you found it to be helpful!


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