How March Madness Can Boost Your Job Search


1) Make It A Group Effort
Half the fun of participating in March Madness is the pre-game prep. Then, there is the trash talk during the tournament, the hits and the misses and, ultimately, the gloating over who won. Filling out your own bracket and not sharing in the activity takes away a lot of the fun. As a job seeker, are you participating with other job seekers? Or, are you isolating yourself? Don’t! It helps to have people to commiserate with, share strategies, and celebrate successes.

2) It’s All About Strategy
Everyone has their own plan for completing their brackets. Whether you take it super seriously and put a lot of effort into research or just pick based on teams you’re loyal to, you have consciously chosen a game plan. The same thing holds true for your job search. You need to have a plan and schedule in mind. Where do you want your job search to be a month from now? What about two months from now? Write your ultimate goal down and the action steps you plan to take to get there. You can’t wing a job search. It’s going to take effort and a schedule to get where you need to go.

3) You’re In It For The Long Haul
March Madness is not over in one game, and neither is your job search after one interview. There are going to be ups and downs. It’s very rare to land the position of your dreams in the first week. The NCAA Tournament takes time, and so will your job search. Add even more time to that plan if you’re a career changer, entry level job seeker or have been unemployed for awhile.

4) Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket
In your bracket, you have many games and possible outcomes. Ultimately, it all comes down to one team winning. In your job search, that one team is the job you want. You will have to get through many hurdles to get there. These obstacles/events include numerous interviews with one company, but more likely will be multiple interviews with various companies. Be open to the possibility of there being more than one ideal job out there for you!

5) Get Your Head In The Game
A coach encourages and inspires players to do their best, work hard, visualize success and never ever give up. Sometimes, we have to be our own coach. While it is easy to get discouraged in a job search, you can’t let the emotions overwhelm you. Teams that lose in the NCAA Tournament don’t just stop playing basketball. They go over what they did correctly, what mistakes they made and then make a plan to learn from this season to move forward next season. You may not be a college basketball player, but you do have the power to take charge of your own path to career success!

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