Spring Job Searching – 4 Factors In Your Favor

tulips1) The weather is better for networking
It was a frigid, record-breaking Winter in many parts of the country. Getting motivated to go out in the dark and drive in poor conditions was a challenge. In contrast, there’s no excuse to not attend a networking event now. Check to see if the professional association in your industry is holding a meeting. And, don’t forget – networking is not just limited to official events. You can network wherever you go. It’s a mindset, not necessarily a meeting.

2) Interviewing is easier
Interviewing is stressful enough without the added worry about traveling in bad conditions, wearing a bulky coat and boots or having to fix hat hair!

“It may seem like these are small things, but it’s the little details that can make a big difference in your confidence level,” says Corey Listar, Staffing Operations Manager for the Recruiting Office for Oldcastle. “Not having to deal with  outerwear is just one less thing you have to think about. It gives you more time and energy to focus on the interview at hand. And, generally speaking, when it’s warmer and sunny out, you’re in good mood and hopefully your interviewer is too.”

3) Less Competition (for some)
In this case, experienced job seekers have an edge. Take advantage of it.  Soon-to-be high school or college grad? You should be starting your search now – especially for Summer opportunities. The Spring job fair season is in full swing. As Summer hits, the beach may beckon, but do your best to ignore the temptation. Passive job seekers (currently employed people open to the right opportunity) are always sought after, no matter the season.

4) More conducive hiring cycles
For many government agencies and not for profits, the fiscal year starts July 1st. Spring and early Summer is the ideal time to look for a job. For those organizations, the budgets are in place and they are actively seeking candidates. Don’t ignore companies that have a different budget cycle either.  No matter what the hiring cycle is, you want to get your resume out there. Do your best to be among the first batch of people to be considered when hiring starts back up again. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that people retire, switch jobs or are let go for poor performance in every season. You want to be ready to take advantage of these opportunities as well.

Enjoy this Spring and embrace the sunny days, but don’t let your job search languish. The most successful job seekers are committed to their job search no matter what the calendar says.

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Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With more than 2,000 locations throughout North America, we are in constant pursuit of the next generation of successful decision makers, leaders and problem solvers. Learn more about joining the Oldcastle team HERE.

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