Joe Bianchi, Recruiting Systems/Process Analyst, CRH, Talent Management

IMG_3592What do you do in your position?
I work on the CRH Americas Talent Management Team and support our Corporate Recruiting Center in Rochester, NY.  Some of my main responsibilities involve reporting, training, systems support, and process improvement initiatives to support our Recruiters.

When did you join Oldcastle?
February, 2015

Where is your job located?
Rochester, NY

What do you like about working here?
My co-workers here in the Recruiting Center, and in the field, make it a great place to work! I have been here for over three years, and we continue to grow.  I enjoy the culture, and like working for an organization that promotes getting the job done as well as provides career development opportunities for its employees.

What are the best parts of your job?
My co-workers.  They are always quick to help or give guidance when needed.  I enjoy coming in and working with them every day. I had the opportunity recently to move from being a Recruiter to a position in HRIS, and enjoyed being able to contribute from what I learned/experienced as a Recruiter and apply those experiences  into my new role to help support our Recruiting Center.

What would your co-workers say about you?
I think they view me as a very big family guy. If I am not going to a baseball game, I am usually at a family dinner, birthday party or just getting together for a visit.  There are not many nights that I go straight home. 

Do you have any funny or interesting work stories to share?
I have too many to share, but here’s one: I used to work at Buckman’s Carwash in high school.  One day, I was asked to play the role of a dentist and was given a hammer and pencil.  The thought was that, since I played baseball, I would be the most qualified to hit the eraser on the pencil with the hammer and extract a loose tooth.  I accepted the challenge and the tooth was removed.  What I failed to mention prior, was that I was a pitcher.

Just for fun, we want to know – what was your first job ever?
My first job ever was as a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant called Emerald’s.  My friend Traffy got me and all of our buddies a job there for the summer.
  2018-Faith Pittsburgh 4.jpg

Do you have any hobbies?
I love anything baseball (NY Mets), football (Buffalo Bills), working in the yard, and spending time with the family. When I’m not at the office, I own and operate the Upstate Baseball League.  The “UBL” is a local (Rochester, NY) league built for high school players to develop and play competitive baseball during August.

Would you like to share anything about your family?
My wife Jenn and I have a six year old daughter, Faith, two year old son Augie, and an eight year old black lab named Smuckers. Jenn and I both come from large and very close families. With 10 nieces and nephews, our nights and weekends are typically filled with some type of family event.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: Joe Bianchi

Want to learn more about working for CRH Americas?
Visit us at CRH Americas Careers.

We are North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. In North America we adopted our parent company name to become CRH Americas, Inc. CRH is a leading global diversified building materials group with over 85,000 employees in 32 countries around the world.

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