4 Ways To Make The Most of Social Media In Your Job Search

A new report by the nonprofit  Pew Research Center shows that 79% of job seekers used online resources in their job search and 34% say that “these online resources were the most important tool available to them.”

So, how can you make the most of social media to find that dream job?

  1. Don’t just rely on job postings
    By all means, look at the listings, but extend your reach beyond just job ads. Companies could be in growth mode, but haven’t yet posted new positions. Keep your eye out for companies that have landed new clients/contracts and/or are expanding their product line, customer base, etc. To do this, follow local newspapers, trade associations and other company related Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.
  2. Research your field and target companies
    Back in the day (less than 20 years ago), finding out more about companies was limited to a company website, the newspaper and trade journals. Now, you have multiple channels to dig deeper. You can use LinkedIn to see who works at companies you’re interested in, and you can google a company’s name. You can even set up alerts to monitor anytime that company is mentioned online.socialm
  3. Become a networking ninja
    While nothing replaces face-to-face networking, social media is a great way to initiate contact. Have you ever participated in a LinkedIn group? What about a Twitter chat? Informally (yet still professionally) engaging with a company or person from a company is easier (and less pressure filled) online. Say, for instance, you see a manager or a recruiter for a company tweet out interesting industry news. Get the conversation and relationship started by replying with an appropriate comment. The same holds true for LinkedIn. In particular, LinkedIn is a great place to show your expertise in your field – sharing relevant content, self publishing on the site and posting helpful links.
  4. Be a participant, not an observer.
    It’s all too easy to sit back and peruse the social media sites without doing a thing. However, that is no more productive than binge watching your favorite TV show. You need to search, read and respond. Be proactive.

Bonus tip
Do you use Twitter lists? They are a great way to organize your followers and gain more followers. Basically, you can create a list with any title of your choice. For example, you could have a list like “Engineering Firms,” Local News Stations, Interesting Local Companies, Social Media Experts, etc. You can add people to these lists – even if they don’t follow you. By clicking on your list, you can see the feed of tweets for your list. It saves time so you can get all related news and tweets at once. In addition, many people are flattered by being added to a list, so you may gain some new followers to boot! Intrigued? Find out more here.

Looking for more advice on using social media to your advantage? Hear what one of our corporate recruiters has to say.

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A version of this post, by our social media specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.


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