12 Days of… Concrete Career Tips

  1. 12 days of concreteWhen you upload your photo to LinkedIn (or for any other use), save it as your full name (i.e. Joe Jobseeker). It’s good for SEO.
  2. Google yourself once a month to see what shows up for your name (or if someone else with your same name appears first). Note – your LinkedIn profile should be one of the first results you see.
  3. Start a new email just for job search/career purposes. An alumni email address is also great to use for professional job related inquiries.
  4. Get rid of the objective on your resume. It’s just wasting space. You’re better off beefing up a Summary or Summary of Qualifications section.
  5. Change your LinkedIn public profile URL from the standard one they give you (which includes a string of numbers) to a more customized, personalized one (ex. https://www.linkedin.com/in/JoeJobseeker).
  6. Write a recommendation for a deserving colleague on LinkedIn.
  7. Ask a colleague to write a recommendation for you.
  8. Put together a list of three references. Do it now so you won’t have to scramble when you need it.
  9. Add rich media (videos, images, documents or a presentation) to your LinkedIn profile.
  10. Start a Twitter account and follow industry related people, associations and companies. If you already have a profile, start a Twitter List entitled “Cool companies” and add those accounts to your list.
  11. Update your Facebook page profile with your current position and company. This information can be found by recruiters/hiring managers.
  12. Compare your resume to your LinkedIn page – they should not be the same thing! LinkedIn is your personal brand – not just a repeat of resume bullet points. Change accordingly.

Lucky #13 tip – Update your professional headline on LinkedIn. Pick keywords for your field – don’t just put your current job title. Also, if you current job title is not one recruiters would look for or recognize, change it! For instance, a receptionist might be called “Director of first impressions.” Very few employers and ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) will search for that job title. Use common standard titles.


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