Making It Easier For Veterans To Find Jobs

milVeterans bring a variety of desirable skills and qualifications to the workplace, including dedication, loyalty and commitment to get the job done. Despite this, it can be a challenge for them to find civilian jobs because many job descriptions are written in a way that does not correlate to a veteran’s job title.

“Most job search sites don’t take into consideration military job titles, sub-specialties and specialized training, leaving veterans with a more complicated, lengthy job search, says Chris Garrie, VP of Recruiting for Oldcastle.

Like many employers, Oldcastle wanted to hire more veterans, and wanted a way to make the job search easier for them. So, they decided to team up with and to create a Military Skills Translator (MST).

What is a MST?
Simply put, a Military Skills Translator is an online tool that veterans can use to search for jobs by choosing from a drop down menu that lists their service, pay grade and military job title. Results from the search include jobs that may be a match for the veteran, including some that the veteran may not have previously even thought of.



According to Joel Burris, a US army veteran who works as a Corporate Recruiter for Allied Building Products, “This is a great tool that I wish existed when I was job searching.  I liked being able to add my specific training and immediately see what roles were a match. It’s a great starting off point.”

If you’re looking for companies that have Military Skills Translators, a good place to start is  Veteran friendly companies there are actively seeking veterans for employment. In addition, you will find job search advice and resources on that site, as well as on some of the company pages.

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If you’re a veteran interested in a job at Oldcastle, check out our sites:

Oldcastle’s Military Skill Translator (MST)

Oldcastle’s Military Page On


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