6 Job Search Tricks To Love

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  1. Looking for an email address?
    Here’s a site that will help: Email Hunter You won’t find every email here, but it can be helpful to track down some elusive email addresses.
  2. Make your LinkedIn introduction matter. Many people, before they apply to a job, head to LinkedIn to see if they have any connections who are connected to people at that company. They then ask for an introduction (see steps for how to do that HERE). To make your request stand out, put some thought into what you say and personalize it a bit more. Here’s an example:
    Hi [your connection’s name],
    How are you? Hoping things are going well for you this year. It’s been quite the Winter hasn’t it? I notice that you are connected to Sam Smith, who is the VP of Marketing for Acme Corp. I saw that Acme has a Marketing Specialist position listed on their website. It looks really interesting, and I would love to find out more about the job. Would you mind introducing me? I know how busy you get this time of year, so I wrote up a little blurb to pass along to make it easier. Oh, and I also wanted to share this article I found – thought you might find it interesting. 
  3. Message someone on LinkedIn even if they aren’t your connection.
    If you share a mutual group, you can contact them without being connected.
  4. Always return a recruiter’s call.
    They aren’t there to harass you. Good recruiters want to build a relationship with you to find the right fit for their company or agency.
  5. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a recruiter about a job you see.
    Even if the opening isn’t a fit, one down the line might be. The recruiter will have the “inside scoop” on the job.

    “Job descriptions can be vague and don’t tell the whole story, says Corporate Recruiter Deonna Campbell. “Having a brief conversation with the recruiter can clear up any questions you may have and can expand on what the job entails. Even if you aren’t interested in this particular opportunity, getting more information might help someone you know.”

  6. Start a “kudos” folder. This is a folder (email or paper) with any documents or emails that you get that you can use down the line to further your case during a performance review, for getting a raise, updating your resume or at an interview. Suggested items to be included: a congratulatory email from your boss about successful completion of a project, a list of webinars or classes you have attended in your field, statistics from work projects, etc. It’s better to save these items as you get them instead of having to scramble and backtrack.

Bonus tip– Be proactive and start using  Twitter to build up your connections. Someone may not accept your connection request on LinkedIn, but you can always follow them on Twitter. Follow target companies/people and make sure to interact (retweet, reply and like) with them before you need a job. This is an easy, low pressure way to build up your network.
* Just for fun * Check out this site where you can make your own personalized virtual candy heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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