Are You An Unlucky Job Seeker?


If you’ve been looking for a job for awhile, you may be feeling discouraged. When is it going to be MY turn? The goal of any successful job search is to stack the odds in your favor, so you are the ‘lucky one’ chosen. Ask yourself these questions and be honest about the answers. They can reveal areas to improve upon in your overall job search strategy.

  1. Are you doing your due diligence?
    You may have read stories that reveal how quite a few people spend more time planning for a vacation than they do for their retirement. No surprise there – it’s fun to plan a vacation. Retirement planning or job searching – not so much. Nevertheless, it’s important to remain focused and dedicate yourself to important, not so fun things – like your job search. This means customizing every cover letter and resume to the job, researching employers prior to an interview, getting/prepping the right references, calling recruiters back and going outside your comfort zone when it comes to proactively networking.
  2. Has your confidence, attitude and energy changed since you started searching?
    It’s completely understandable that your enthusiasm for the process has taken a hit, especially after more time goes by. However, this is not the time to show it. Even if you don’t feel energized and optimistic, you have to act like you are. Eating properly, getting exercise and creating a good support system (family/friends/fellow job seekers) can help boost your mood too.
  3. Do you let rejection (i.e. not hearing back from an application, after an interview, etc.) get you down?
    It’s ok and normal to feel disappointed. The job search can be impersonal, unfair and frustrating. However, wallowing is your enemy. Allow yourself time to be mad or sad and then move on! Think of the job search like speed dating. You’re going from interview to interview, just like you would be going from date to date. Not every date results in a relationship, and not every interview results in a job.

    Going through the interview process makes you better at interviewing. Don’t think of it as a waste of time – think of it as practice!

Progress and forward movement/momentum in the job search isn’t dependent on luck. It takes time and continual effort. Don’t give up. It may take longer than you had hoped for, but the right job is out there for you. And, always remember- the employer is the lucky one for making the decision to hire you.

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