4 Myths That Keep Your LinkedIn Profile From Blooming


Just like Spring flowers need attention and nurturing, so does your LinkedIn profile. Here are some common myths about LinkedIn and simple suggestions to make your profile blossom this season and beyond.

1) Multiple endorsements are better than just a few recommendations
I’m not saying endorsements are bad.But, think for a minute how easy they are to get. All a person has to do is click. A recommendation takes thought and greater effort. Aim to get a few high quality recommendations on your profile and return the favor.

2) As long as I’ve completed my LinkedIn profile, I’m fine
It’s a great first step, but to maximize the power of LinkedIn, get involved. Post status updates, “like,” comment and share things that your connections post. These activities will get you in front of non-connections, expanding your reach.

3) I can only contact people who are connections
Not true! If you share a group membership, you can reach out to them.

4) Publishing a post is tricky,  time consuming and only for writers
Actually, writing on LinkedIn is quite easy. The blogging platform is intuitive to use. You don’t need to be a professional writer. All you need is a topic. Start with that and write in a conversational style. Use bullets and numbered lists (like you see in this post). Share something of value to others in your field. We all have areas of expertise. Your knowledge and insight help showcase your value to your connections (and potentially a new employer!).

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A version of this post, by our Social Media Specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.


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