The Summer Job Search – 7 Reasons Why You Should!


It’s that season again – warmer weather, beach outings, picnics and vacations. But what if you’re in the market for a new job? Should you take a break and resume your search in the fall?

“I just want to relax and enjoy my Summer!” 

Good news – you can do both!
Don’t let the summer job search season slip away.
Here’s why:
1) There’s less competition
The fact is – applications and job postings do dip during the Summer months. Even though there are fewer openings, there are also fewer people going for them. The numbers are on your side! 

2) Key decision makers are easier to reach
Yes, people do take vacations, so availability is not as high as other seasons. However, since things tend to slow in Summer, your opportunity to be make contact and be seen actually increases. While everyone else takes a break from reaching out to hiring managers and recruiters, you’ll be top of mind.

3) Jobs are always waiting to be filled
People are always going to relocate, quit and come and go in companies. So, even if it isn’t a company’s main hiring season, there is always opportunity to get your name out there. And, when they’re ready, you’ll be at the top of the pile.

4) Networking is easier and more enjoyable
I know, I know – no one likes to network. But, hear me out. Would you rather go to a networking event all bundled up in the dead of winter inside or seek out networking events, association meetings and more when a) they might be held outside b) you don’t even need a coat c) people are in good moods due to the better weather

5) Fall Is The Perfect New Job “Fresh Start” Goal Date
Aim to finish your search so you can start a new job just as the kids go back to school. Instead of new pens and a notebook, you’ll be driving to a new office location. Fall has long been considered a time of renewal on the calendar.

6) Now Is The Time To Nix the New Year Mentality  
Waiting til January is the ultimate in procrastination. Don’t do it! It’s like saying, “Oh, I’ll start my diet after this picnic, after this party, after this holiday.” Special occasions and holidays will never end. There’s always an excuse and temptation around every corner. Fall into this risky trap and you’ll never start your job search.

7) There’s Still Time To Savor Summer
We aren’t monsters who don’t want you to have any fun. Go ahead and go on vacation, take a day trip or go to the beach.  It’s all about balancing play and work. A dedicated, committed job search is work, but you also deserve to relax and rejuvenate. Make time for both.

Thank you for reading!

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