Use Social Media To Land Your Next Job – 5 Tips To Try

Social Media Sign Take advantage of your online presence to be found, to stand out and to land your next job. How? It’s easy!
Let’s get started:
1) Fill out ALL your profile bios
Most people have their LinkedIn profile filled out, but don’t spend a lot of time making sure that their other sites are complete. Do you have your employment information listed on Facebook?  What about Twitter and Instagram? Fill out every bio with a descriptive tagline that describes who you are, where you work and how you add value.

2) Google yourself
It’s really important to know what shows up in a simple search when you type in your name. Employers are looking, so make sure what they find is appropriate. If what appears is not flattering, there are steps you can take to change the order of the results. For instance, one workaround is to start self publishing on LinkedIn. Writing a blog post on that site will not only add to your credibility in your field, it will rank higher in search results (and replace things you don’t want to appear in the top of the list).
3) Take advantage of alerts
Really interested in a company? Set up an alert on them. An alert notifies you whenever that company is mentioned in the news or online. Sure, you can do research yourself, but this is an automatic way to keep up-to-date. Interviewers love to hear that you know what their business does. You can use this knowledge and refer to it, as appropriate, in an interview or a cover letter. There are numerous sites you can use to set up alerts. We like Talkwalker Alerts, Google Alerts and Mention.
4) Give Groups A Chance
We love LinkedIn groups because:
a) You can message another contact without being their direct connection
b) They’re an easy way to connect with other people in your industry and at multiple companies
5) Maximize your media
LinkedIn:  Consistently like, comment and share content on a biweekly basis (at least), as well as post relevant, helpful industry updates. And don’t forget to follow company pages. Hint: Turn your notifications broadcast to off if you’re currently employed when you decide to start your search. There’s a delicate balance between actively looking and nurturing your career, so start slow and work your way up to being more active.
Facebook: If you’re currently employed, tread with caution here, although you can still use the site to network. If you’re unemployed, you have nothing to lose by stating that you’re looking for work. You just never know who your friends might know. For example, you could write this as a status post:
“Anyone out there know of any openings in the Nashville area in IT?”
Spend some time “liking” career pages of companies you’re interested in (including ours of course). Many companies now have two sites – the main corporate site and the careers page.  The admin of the careers page could be a good resource. They may not be in human resources, but they can answer questions and direct you to the right person if you need additional help/clarification about the company, jobs or the status of your application.
Instagram: This is a great place to see what a company culture is like. We’ve received questions about internships on our page, as well as other inquiries. Look for companies where you can see yourself fitting in. Do they show group outings and events? Know what you’re looking for and target those organizations that appear to have a similar culture.
Twitter: This is another good channel for reaching out. Follow companies and people at target companies. Like, re-tweet and share industry news. Join a Twitter chat (there are industry and career related ones). Create and use lists (a feature where you can group people in a category you designate). Here’s our “Great Career Advice” Twitter list.
Bonus Tip:
A few other tools to try:
Canva: use to make professional looking images that showcase your work or to make an Infographic resume. This is a great tool for non-designers.
BuzzSumo: this is a tool used by marketers to analyze what content works best for a topic or competitor. It can also be used to find key influencers in your industry.

Try one or more of these tips to increase your odds of landing your next position. Best of luck to you!

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