Are You In A Job Search Drought?

DroughtMany parts of the country have experienced drought like conditions this Summer. Feel like the search for your dream job has run dry? If your job search has slowed to a trickle, here are five strategies to get it flowing forward again.

1. Track where you are
Meteorologists reporting on the weather are quick to tell us how many 90+ degree days we’ve had and how many are on the horizon. Do you know how many jobs you’ve applied to, how many calls you’ve made and where you stand in terms of lining up references? It helps to track, monitor and review your current results so you can start adjusting them. Start by creating a simple spreadsheet in Excel to track your job search activities or use a free site like JibberJobber to keep tabs on applications submitted, contacts, companies, etc.

2. Make adjustments
During a drought, water and energy conservation rules are often in effect. While you may want to water your lawn, you can’t. In the job search, you may have your eye on target companies that just aren’t hiring right now. In that case, it’s time to move to Plan B. Start researching other companies. There could be smaller organizations out there that offer great opportunities. Don’t fixate on just one type of company or even industry.

3. Bust through that stationary front.
Still seeing and applying for the same few positions? Sometimes candidates get in a rut, and search for the same job titles and avoid networking on LinkedIn, joining LinkedIn groups or not customizing their resume for each job. Big mistake!

Amy Keenan PictureIt could be that your search string is too stationary – like  that stationary weather front. If the same positions keep popping up, you need to change what you’re searching for. It’s very important to be flexible and be willing to try something new. The goal is to change the climate of your approach (resume, interview skills, etc.) from cold to hot!
– Amy Keenan,Corporate Recruiter for Allied Building Products  and a former weather forecaster 

4. Set up advisories
We’ve all received weather alerts, but did you know that on some job search sites, you can input your search criteria and receive notifications about new positions? While this should not be the only way you search for jobs, it is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities.

5. Know that this dry spell is only temporary
It’s easy to get tunnel vision and think that the heat will never end, your lawn will remain brown forever and that you’ll never get called in for another interview. However, that’s simply not true! Just as the rain will fall one day again soon, you will get interviews and you will land a job. If you give up now or adopt a defeatist attitude however, that will show through in your efforts. Don’t let apathy or inertia into your life! Keep researching companies and applying for positions. Employers sense desperation. Putting less effort/energy shows and, even worse, it’s only going to prolong your job search that much longer.

If you follow these tips, the drought should end and you will be flooded with opportunities! – Amy Keenan

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Photo Credit: Brad Helmink, Unsplash


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