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5 Fall Job Search Tips Recruiters Want You To Know

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Are you happy where you’re working now? Or, are you looking for a change? Fall can be a great time to embark on a job search. Our recruiters want to increase your odds of landing that next position.

  1. Think about your timing  – don’t fall into the “I’ll wait until the New Year” trap
    Remember how you had high hopes to get a new job back in January? It’s admirable, but life has a way of getting in the way and those promises fall by the wayside. Why not get started now – and avoid the added competition that will inevitably be starting their search in 2017?
  2. Pay close attention to the job description
    The details in a job description are there for a reason.

    “If you don’t have a majority of the specific qualifications, it’s better to bypass that particular job. Employers are seeking specific skill sets. Can you do at least 80% of the items outlined in the job ad? If not, skip applying – your odds of even making it to the phone screen are low – other better qualified candidates will be the ones chosen. Your time would be better spent looking for an opening that is more closely aligned with your background and experience.”

  3. Don’t apply to numerous jobs within the same company

    You don’t want to give the impression that you’re randomly applying for just anything. You never want to appear desperate. Be thoughtful and selective.  Search for and target only those jobs that you are truly a match for, says Corporate Recruiter Brendan Sheehan

  4. Craft a 30, 60 and 90 day plan
    Map out the job search activities for the remainder of the year. It takes time to get a job, but there are proactive steps you can schedule to get there. Set up target dates for revamping your resume, searching for/applying for positions and networking. Start the schedule now – and you’ll earn yourself a break around holiday time.

    Be open to making contacts and networking everywhere you go – and not just at formal networking events either, says John McCue, Staffing Manager. You never know who the people you encounter might know. Their connections could help you land your next job.

  5. Have your success stories ready
    Now is not the time to be humble! Be prepared to brand yourself and talk about your accomplishments.

    Recruiters want to know how you made a difference where you worked. The more you can quantify and amplify your accomplishments, the more edge you’ll have over other applicants. You need to be able to articulate this in your resume, during that initial phone screen, at the interview and the follow up.”

With children being back in school and summer vacations just a distant memory, you’re more apt to be able to connect with recruiters and employers during the Fall. Prep accordingly, and you could be well on your way to landing a position before we ring in the New Year!

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