Matt Weinrich, Lead Operations Recruiter

matthewweinrichWhat do you do in your position?
I am an Operations Recruiter with the Architectural Products Group of Oldcastle.  I help find people for non-exempt level positions for our Lawn & Garden line of business that manufactures decorative stone, mulch and soils. I also train and mentor APG Operations Recruiters as well help the team continually improve how we communicate and deliver our service to APG plants.

When did you join Oldcastle?
August 2016

Where is your job located?  Rochester, NY

What do you like about working here?
The team – they are by far the most supportive and helpful team I have been a part of. 

newemployeesseptWhat are the best parts of your job?
I enjoy helping people find jobs.  I get the opportunity to talk to people all over the US and help them find a career.  Also, no two days have been the same.

What would co-workers say about you?
I would hope they would say that I am hardworking and willing to help out whenever possible.

What was your first job ever?
My first job was working at a driving range in 6th grade.  I was the guy picking up golf balls that everyone would aim for.

Do you have any fun or interesting work stories?
While at my last job, we started up a sourcing team like ours in Jamaica.  I was given the opportunity to hire the first 3 members of the team and go down there for a month (in the middle of winter) and train them.

What do you do outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my family.  I also enjoy playing golf, watching sports and staying active.

Would you like to share anything about your family?
I am originally from Toledo, Ohio, and have an older brother and younger sister.  I moved to Rochester in 2011 and have been married to my wife Marla for almost 4 years.  We have a baby girl Molly (6 months) and a dog – Duncan.

Where can we find you on LinkedIn?

Want to learn more about working for Oldcastle?
Visit us at Oldcastle Careers.


Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With more than 2,000 locations throughout North America, we are in constant pursuit of the next generation of successful decision makers, leaders and problem solvers. Learn more about joining the Oldcastle team HERE.

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