Should You Keep Up Your Job Search Over The Holidays?

availableforworkWith the holidays looming, it can be easy to postpone your job search. Many people do just that, for numerous reasons including:
1) Why bother? No one is hiring now
2) I might as well enjoy the festivities
3) I’ll make a fresh start in January
While these sentiments are commonplace, they aren’t doing you any favors. Adjust your thinking and activities to give  you the best chance for job search success.

Hiring activity may slow during the fourth quarter, but it doesn’t stop.  Employers are still actively looking for employees.

Don’t be scared to continue your search in November and beyond. While some managers may be off for vacation, others are available. Schedules slow down, allowing you a better opportunity to connect with them over the phone or in person. Take advantage of that lull.

While other job seekers postpone their search, you put yourself at the forefront.  You want to be in the front of the line  – not playing catch up in January. Put yourself ahead of the competition! Even unhappy employees often hold off on their job search until they receive that raise or bonus in the New Year. If you’re in that category, don’t do it – that puts you even more behind.

No matter the month, employers still have positions to fill. Even cyclical businesses that aren’t hiring now are open to building a pipeline of candidates for when they’re needed. Your goal is to make sure your name and resume are at the top of that pile. Job openings don’t take a holiday. People quit, resign or are fired no matter what month is on the calendar.

No one is asking you to skip that holiday party or time with family.  What we are saying however, is to continue working on your resume, researching companies and applying for openings. Alter your schedule to coincide with the festivities.  Make time to fit in job search activities. You don’t have to put in the hours you put in before towards your search, but don’t abandon it completely. Even one hour a week is better than nothing.

Take advantage of informal networking opportunities. You hear it all the time – it’s all about who you know. Mix and mingle at those holiday parties! Networking isn’t just limited to formal, business related events. You’re also apt to catch people more relaxed. Who knows – your next job could come from a tip from your sister in law’s best friend. You just never know. Of course, this also comes with a caveat – this is not the time for the hard sell. However, be open and willing to engage with people.

Step up your social media game
Are you posting helpful links related to your industry? Have you given LinkedIn self publishing a try? People on LinkedIn are eager for content to like, share and comment on. You should also be active on that network. Think people don’t check LinkedIn over the holidays? Think again. Social media activity often increases when people need need a break after a little too much family time.

Adopt an attitude of gratitude. We couldn’t close this post without reflecting on what the holiday season is all about. Gratitude does play a part in the job search. A good attitude, combined with hard work, luck and a little timing will be what it takes to land a new job.

Thank YOU for reading our posts this year!

P.S. If you have any requests for future blog post topics, don’t hesitate to let us know.

Have a wonderful and productive holiday season!

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