A Recipe For Job Search Success

cookieWith a little luck and a dollop of determination, you can cook up a great career for the New Year.

1) What jobs are you going to apply to?
Broaden your search parameters. Check out the  Occupational Outlook Handbook: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/ This site identifies and describes almost every occupation you could imagine. It even includes education required and median pay. Another idea: When you go to the job boards – instead of always typing in the same job title – look for other titles. In addition, keep an open mind when you see the suggested jobs LinkedIn shows in your feed. There could be jobs out there that you’re qualified for that you hadn’t even thought of previously. Oh, and this same tip applies on the baking front too. Are you going to make cookies this year? Or maybe it’s pie? Sure, make those old favorites – but give new treats a try too!

2) Stir in two cups of patience
Any good baker knows that you can’t open the oven door when cookies or cakes are baking. It can be tempting to sneak a peek or poke at those cupcakes. However, the wait is worth the while. The same thing holds true for your job search. This is particularly true in December. Job search activity on all fronts slows to what seems like a crawl. You have to rise above the impatience and know that things will pick up again. January is just around the corner. Always keep your eyes open for positions, keep applying and be prepared for more activity in early 2017.

cupcakes3) Sprinkle in a pinch of creativity
Don’t be a cookie cutter candidate! On your end, what else you can do to differentiate yourself? Can you start a blog in your field? Is there a new networking group or conference you can attend? You want to stand out! While you do need to follow the rules when it comes to submitting applications, you can think and act outside the box too. Is the recruiter for the role on Twitter? Does the company have a careers Facebook page? There are other less obvious ways to reach out and differentiate yourself. For you bakers out there – we all know that the best recipes aren’t 100% by the book. You follow the directions to a point, but then add in your own special seasonings or alter the original. The results? Delish! Put that same strategy in play when you’re on the prowl for a position.

4) Don’t forget to add a dash of of love
You can always tell when a recipe has been made with love. The baker is passionate and excited about what they’re creating. Have you lost that excitement? It can be a challenge to maintain enthusiasm – especially for a job search that seems to be never ending. But, you have to find that inner strength to tap back into a better frame of mind. Interviewers (in person or on the phone) can tell when you’re just going through the motions. Even if you have to “fake it ’til you make it,” you need to do just that. Smile, think about the satisfaction of landing that job and what it will feel like to start a new adventure.

Thank you, as always, for reading. Wishing you all a sweet holiday!

A version of this post, by our Social Media Specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.

P.S. Looking for holiday baking suggestions? Check out these recipes: http://www.foodnetwork.com/holidays-and-parties/packages/holidays/holiday-central-baking.html

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A version of this post, by our Social Media Specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.


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