Brand Yourself Like A Business On LinkedIn


1)     Don’t just ‘Set & Forget’

You need to create, post and share fresh content to continue to show up in the feed and remain on the radar of your connections.

2)     Show some personality

Content is king! Think about what catches your eye when scrolling your LinkedIn feed. No one wants to see a sales pitch or boring statuses. Instead, aim for useful, interesting and engaging content that’s heavy on visual images and links. According to recent statistics released by Social Media Today, 98% of posts with images receive more comments, and posts with links have a 200% higher engagement rate.  A good rule of thumb is to post 20% news (about your company/job), 30% industry information, 30% helpful material/links and 20% fun, creative content.

3)     Schedule out your content

Decide how many posts you want to write/share by week. For example, Monday: image with a career/industry related quote using the hashtag #MotivationMonday. Tuesday: A link related to news in your industry. Wednesday: a link to a ‘fun’ or interesting article or photo, Thursday: Link or image for an upcoming company event. Friday: #FlashbackFriday hashtag and image.

4)     Decide when you will post

Opinions on this vary. Friday afternoon at 4:30 is not a great time. You need to consider your connections. When are they online? Does your business have locations in other time zones? The nice thing about LinkedIn is that older posts do appear in the feed days or weeks later, so content still gets exposure after that initial posting. In addition, the more engagement (like/comments/shares), the greater reach that post will have. Popular posts are distributed to more people in the feed. This is why putting effort into quality content instead of quantity pays off.

5)     Put on your creative hat

While LinkedIn is more formal than other social media channels like Facebook, there is still the opportunity to be professionally playful. For instance, start with the next upcoming holiday and see if you can create an image to play off that occasion that relates to your business. The engagement and exposure you get from this can really pay off. People love to see, like, comment on and share things that are interesting, funny and intriguing/unique. 

6)     Use free tools

Don’t have the graphic design skills or resources to devote to creating and posting the content? Not a problem! There are sites where you can find free images and online tools that will save you time and effort.  can be used to create images/infographics and or are good for finding free photos.  There are also many reasonably priced photo sites such as that are worth checking out.

7)     Set goals, track progress and update along the way

What are your goals on LinkedIn? To make connections? Network? Find a job?  Set tangible goals and give yourself a realistic timeframe to achieve them. “Increase connection by 15% over the next 6 months.” Or, “Get 50 likes and comments by the end of the month.” If a post is doing really well for you, try to replicate that type of content for future, similar posts.

With a little time and effort, your LinkedIn page can be a great way to increase visibility of your personal brand.

Photo Credit: DepositPhotos

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