4 Quick Ways To Enhance Your LinkedIn Exposure

Linked Word Name Tags Sphere Connecting NetworkingWe’ve all heard the standard LinkedIn advice – fill out your profile completely, use key words in your field, etc. What else can you do to take your profile from good to great?

  1. Reorder your skills
  2. Customize your URL
  3. Get a profile badge
  4. Start Self Publishing

1) Reorder Skills & Endorsements
LinkedIn automatically ranks these based on number. But, let’s say you would rather emphasize a skill that ranks lower. No problem! Simply drag that skill to appear closer to the top. This is a great way to highlight the most important attributes to match a job you may be applying for.


2) Customize your URL
You don’t have to settle for the default LinkedIn URL with random numbers that LinkedIn assigns to your account. Change and customize it. It’s easy! Simply click on the Me icon, then View Profile, then Edit your public profile. Then, type in the new URL in the text box.  This custom URL can have 5-30 letters or numbers (no spaces, symbols, or special characters). The nice thing about having this link is that you can now share it.

3) Create a Profile Badge
pbadgeMake a custom button that you can use to promote your profile. You can add this to your blog, email or website/online resume. There are different sizes/styles to choose from. Go here to get started. 


4) Start Self Publishing
We’ve praised self publishing on LinkedIn before, and we’re singing its praises again. Why? It’s a great way to get in the feed of your connections. In addition, writing a post shows off your communication skills. In addition, the articles you write show up predominately in Google searches. Want to differentiate yourself from another candidate in your field? Which candidate do you think a recruiter or hiring manager would gravitate towards – one with a selection of industry related posts or one without any? You don’t need to be a professional writer to start writing. Take a topic you know and write a concise, helpful post. Need more help? Check out the guidelines here.

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One response to “4 Quick Ways To Enhance Your LinkedIn Exposure

  1. Jay Casto

    Wow! This is awesome! Finally an HR department with advice for job-seekers. I remember not too long ago, I would get interviewed for nearly every position for which I applied. Now, with social media interaction as a consideration of my qualification, I have some learning to do…
    Thank you for the recommendations!
    Jay Casto

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