Stay Up-To-Date – 3 LinkedIn Changes You Should Know About


We all want to expand our network, and, when it comes to the online job search, LinkedIn is increasingly the go-to destination. It has over 450 million active users, and growing. LinkedIn recently revamped the look of the site, as well as many features. Here are a few to note.

  1. You can sort your news feed again. For some unknown reason, LinkedIn took away this functionality, but has since restored it. The default setting is “Top” stories, but if you want to see the most recent posts, just click on the down arrow and change it to “Recent.”
  2. LinkedIn now allows you to edit your status posts.
    This is great news! Now, if you made a typo or mistake, or just wanted to update your status, LinkedIn allows you to do so. Previously, this was not an option. You had to delete the post and start over. Simply click on the three dots to the right, and click on the pencil to edit. As you can see, you can also copy the link to post or delete it entirely. Thank you LinkedIn for recognizing that this bit of functionality was really needed.edit
  3. The LinkedIn Privacy Policy Will Be Updated Next Month It can be too easy to blindly accept privacy policies – after all, aren’t they standard? They certainly aren’t the most riveting reading, that’s for sure. However, it’s important to know the information sites gather and how they use that information. This is especially true when it comes to LinkedIn – which is basically a repository for a lot of personal information – from where you work, to dates of employment to your educational background. Be sure to be aware of what the updated policy is. The new policy goes into effect June 7th, 2017. Click to see the policies (changes are highlighted): Privacy Policy & User Agreement.

LinkedIn can be a powerful career enhancing and job search tool. They constantly make changes (some good, some not so good). Stay aware of what’s going on with the site, and we’ll do our best to keep you in the loop as well.

Happy Networking!

P.S. A version of this post, by our social media specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.

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