Twitter Lists – Tweet Your Way To A New Job!

Hand pressing social media iconTwitter lists are a great way to organize your Twitter account and can also be used to network. Let’s learn how they work!

A Twitter List is a list that contains accounts that share a common theme. The list compiles all the tweets of those accounts. By clicking on the list, you can see the latest tweets from all the members of the list. You can create your own lists, as well as subscribe to other lists or simply browse other account lists that are appealing to you.

Why would you want to have a Twitter list?
Simply put, it’s an easy way to organize your feed. You may be following hundreds or thousands of accounts. It can get overwhelming trying to find what you’re looking for. For instance, let’s say you were interested in seeing tweets from accounts that have job search advice. Without a list, you would have to go to the accounts individually or scroll through your feed past unrelated tweets. Instead, if you had a “Career Experts” list, all you would need to do is click on that list to get to those folks. You would then see all their tweets in your feed. You could retweet any tweets right from the list or send a message to those folks.

Twitter lists can be organized by any category you choose. You can have a Twitter list of target companies, recruiters, industry leaders, competitors and more. The opportunities are endless.

Here are the Oldcastle Careers lists (below). You can get to any Twitter account’s lists by simply clicking on the word “Lists” on the bar on the right. Then, just click on the list name to get to that list.


I clicked on the Oldcastle on Twitter List and this is what I see. It is a feed of all the tweets made by members of the list.

How do I create a list?
It’s easy! Simply go to your profile circle (upper right hand corner) and click on it so you see the drop down. Then, click on “Lists.”

Now, you will see it shows you the “Create new list” button. Click on that.


This is the screen that appears next:


You can name the list whatever you like and describe it. Once you do that, save the list. The benefits of having a public list are that everyone can see it and they may choose to subscribe to your list. This is a great way to increase your exposure. However, sometimes you may want a private list – for example, if you are in full blown job search mode.

Once you save the list, you can start adding people/accounts to the list. Simply search on Twitter for the accounts you want to add. Let’s say I want to add to a list. First, I would go to their Twitter account. Then I would click to the right of the “Following” button on the three buttons to see my options.

As you can see, I have the choice of what list to add them to.


In this case, I chose “Great Career Advice.” But, I could also create a new list if I wanted to. Note – you do NOT have to be following a person or company to add them to a list. Also, once you add someone to a list, they get notified that they are now in that list. This is a great way to network. Think about it – if you had a list called “Companies I admire” and added a company to that list, they would likely be flattered and follow you back. It’s a simple way to network and increase your followers. Many popular lists have hundreds of subscribers.

Give lists a try and let us know what you think!

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