6 Quick Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Status Updates Count

Depositphotos_153631700_m-2015Optimize your engagement, views and connections on LinkedIn by following a set strategy. It’s easy to do, only takes a small amount of time, and the rewards can be great.
1) Set up a posting schedule
Are you just posting now and then? Yes, some activity is better than none. However, it pays to post consistently. Choose a schedule that works best for you. For instance, decide that you want to post new content at least twice a week. In addition, make time to share, comment and like other people’s posts. This could be done in set time increments – for instance, vow to spend ten minutes after lunch or split it into two five minute sessions at the beginning and end of the work day. The point is to just start!
2) Decide what to post
What is your goal on LinkedIn?  Some goals might be to:
– Establish credibility in your field
– Gain exposure to potential employers
– Find a new job
– Increase your connections
Once you’ve established your goal(s), the content you create and share should align with that goal. For instance, if your goal is to land a new role in the construction field, start posting links that would be helpful for people working in that industry. You can google articles about construction trends and post those articles. Besides what you post, you also want to share, like and comment on other people’s construction related topics. Join relevant groups related to your goal as well.
3) Make your posts stand out
Don’t just cut and paste a link as your status update. Go into the article and cut and paste a relevant line from the article. The article title already shows as a default with the photo. Take it one step further to create interest. Or, ask a question.
4) Don’t be afraid to get personal
LinkedIn is NOT Facebook, so we aren’t suggesting you fill your feed with selfies. But, there is a way to add a touch of personality while still remaining professional. Think about what catches your eye in the feed. Boring news stories don’t. Real life events and activities and unique, cool content does. There are interesting things about every industry that you can share. Have you attended a conference or given a presentation recently? Has your team participated in some event? Post a photo about that. Here’s an example:
5) Pay attention to the analytics for each post to guide future posts
The stats below are from the post image used above.  LinkedIn recently added great analytics so you can see who looked at your post, how many views it received and what companies and areas of the country they came from.



In this case, this person has less than 500 connections on LinkedIn, but the post received more views than the number of connections they had because of the likes and attention it received. 

The better your post does, the more people will see it. The activity related to the post feeds upon itself.  Simply put – the algorithm on LinkedIn rewards posts that do well by showing/serving them up to even more people.

There’s a more technical explanation behind the algorithm, but that is the basic theory. In addition, if you want to make new connections beyond your initial ones, this is an excellent way to get more eyes on you and your content.

6) Vary the type of posts
Post an article, then an image and then a video. Give LinkedIn self publishing a try. The key here is to vary your content. Once you get in a rhythm, it’s easy and can be fun to see what content works and how well it can do. Not every post will be a winner, but if you stick with it over time, you will see your reach and engagement increase. More attention means more potential to target potential employers and get contacted by recruiters for that dream job!

P.S. We often get the question – When is a good time to post?
You want to post when your potential audience is online. Beginning of the day, end of the day and at lunch can be good times. Friday afternoons – not so much. That being said, people are now on LinkedIn much more often than they used to be – that can even include holidays, nights and weekends. So, don’t be afraid to post early or late or in the off times. Again, the algorithm LinkedIn uses comes into play, as well as time zones in different parts of the country.

In addition, the default setting for content does not show the most recent posts, but what LinkedIn considers “Top” posts (as seen here). topEventually, content you post is seen – but it may not be right away. This is why a consistent posting schedule works so well – it gives you the opportunity to be seen in the feed more often over time. Note- you can always change the default setting from ‘Top’ to ‘Recent’ content.

Good luck and happy posting!

Photo credit: DepositPhotos


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