Rise Above the Fog – 3 Tips To Be A Job Search Star


  1.  The Better Way to Use “Easy Apply” on LinkedIn
    apply websiteApplying to a job via LinkedIn? Many times, you will see a button that  sends you right to the company website to apply. If that is the case, simply proceed and fill out and submit your information online.

easyapplyHowever, if you see the Easy Apply button, you only have the option of attaching and sending one file to the employer. Instead of just submitting your resume, write your cover letter on page one and then add your resume on the second page of your word document. Save this cover letter and resume document as ONE file. Most people won’t think to do this. It’s a great way to get attention among dozens, if not hundreds of other applications you’re competing against.

2) Write your cover letter like a real person
Imagine you’re a recruiter or hiring manager reviewing job applications all day. They see the same boring, formal, cookie cutter introductions and content like this:
“I became aware of this opportunity through your web page.”
or “I’m a detail oriented professional with expertise in…”
On the surface, there is nothing wrong with these sentences. But, they are repetitive, redundant and state the obvious.

You don’t need to be a professional writer to craft your cover letter in a more interesting and appealing way.

For example, here’s sample copy for a mechanic opening. It reads more like a conversation. Don’t be afraid to inject a bit of your personality in your cover letter. Read it back to yourself and have someone else read it as well. In this blurb, you get a better sense of the applicant as a person and as a candidate. They even injected industry jargon in a lighthearted way. While some industries are more formal than others, it doesn’t mean you have to be dull and lackluster in your writing. Show some enthusiasm!

I drive by your dealership daily, admiring many of the cars on the lot. When I saw your opening for a mechanic on Craig’s list, I knew it was a great opportunity for a car buff and experienced mechanic like myself. I’m looking to join a bigger organization where I can work on a wider variety of vehicles.
       As the resident ‘grease monkey’ at the small shop where I work now, I’ve risen in the ranks to head Automotive Technician. I’ve always been fascinated with taking things apart and putting them back together again. I modified my first mini bike when I was 16 years old, and have been obsessed with mechanics and car/motorcycle repair ever since then.

3) Little things count
File names matter. Make it easy for the employer. Save your documents using your first and last name and what they are. For example:


In addition, never overlook an opportunity to promote yourself. If you’re emailing documents, use the subject line to your advantage.

Be bold and confident in your job search. These tips/tactics may be small things, but they can help set you apart. Will an employer hire you just because you used a catchy subject line or saved a file in a certain way? Probably not. BUT, using a combination of these ideas, being proactive and actively setting yourself apart can make a difference. If what you’re doing isn’t working, give these tips a try. We would love to know any job search hacks/ideas that worked for you, so feel free to leave those in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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    Thanks for the article, was useful to read! So timely, going to change my work soon

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