Fall Job Search? Easy as Pie!

Businessman pumpkin pie character cartoonHalloween is over and we’re rushing towards Thanksgiving. There’s still time to land a sweet gig. Don’t neglect your job search!

Say Hello To Smart Replies

LinkedIn has taken the messaging feature and enhanced it with smart replies. Basically, these are suggested responses within a message. According to the LinkedIn official blog, ‘machine learning’ works its magic to “show you suggestions that are more contextual and relevant to the conversation you’re having. We’ll suggest at most three responses based on the message you’ve received.” If you like a response, simply click on it, hit enter, and it sends back the automated reply.”

You don’t have to choose their responses, but this feature can save you time and open up new conversation ideas you might not have otherwise thought to use. If you don’t want this feature, you can turn it off in settings. The default is set to on.

Seek Out Company Lists To Research & Target Companies

Are you applying to jobs online but not having any luck? Start looking for company lists. You’ll be surprised to discover companies you didn’t even know were in your area. In our city for example, the Sunday paper just came out with an in-depth article and list with profiles of the top 100 privately owned winning companies in the Rochester area. What a great resource! Study it, cross reference it with people you know, and use it to find out more about potential employers. Your local chamber of commerce may also have lists. And, don’t forget your local library. You don’t have to pay for a subscription to the paper. Our libraries carry the Rochester Business Journal weekly paper and Book of Lists. Both are a wealth of information about companies, organizations, executives and the latest business news.

Perpetual Job Searching

We know this is not everyone’s favorite thing to do. You may love your job. You may not even have a job search on your radar. Here’s the thing. You never know what could happen. You always want to be prepared for the worst case job scenario. We’re going to assume that you have your resume updated and ready to go (right?). Take this preparation one step further. Know what jobs are out there online in your field AT ALL TIMES. Why is this so important? Online job postings are full of clues. For example, let’s say you’re an Engineer and see an ad for Engineering role continually showing up at the same company every few months. On one hand – yes, they could be adding headcount. On the other, it could be a red flag of high turnover, a bad environment and a company you want to stay away from. If you haven’t been consistently looking at jobs online, you wouldn’t know that the same job was available again so soon. Knowledge is power! It only take five to ten minutes to search jobs weekly via Google. Get in there and type in “Engineer Rochester NY” or whatever your field is and look around.

Search Appearances

How do you know if your LinkedIn profile is optimized so employers and recruiters can find it? This can be a whole blog post itself. One way to check to see if you’re getting found for the right positions is to look at what keywords were used to find your profile. To do this, go to your profile and go to your dashboard.

See where it says Search Appearances? Click on that.

Here is one example (above). On your profile, do the terms line up with what kind of job you’re looking for? If not, your LinkedIn profile needs some work.

Please don’t give up on your job search this fourth quarter. There are still companies hiring before the end of the year. End 2017 on a strong note. Keep pushing!

Thank you for reading!

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A version of this post, by our Social Media Specialist, also appears on LinkedIn.

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