Are you getting the results you want from LinkedIn? 3 Tweaks To Try!


Whether you use LinkedIn for networking, personal branding or finding a job, there are tweaks you can make to perfect that profile.

  1. Reorder sections. Did you know you can change the order of current positions, education, volunteer experience and skills and endorsements on LinkedIn? If you want to highlight a degree, job (this works on current positions only) or experience by placing it first, this is a nice feature. skillsIt’s easy! Simply click on “View Profile,” then hover right below the pencil to click and then drag and drop the job, school or experience in the order you want. To rearrange skills and endorsements, click on the pencil and then click on the lines to drag and drop in the order you want. Put the skills you want recruiters and others to see at the top. Note – this may not always match the ones you’ve received the highest number of endorsements for.


As you can see in the box here, social media received the most endorsements. But say for instance, you want to emphasize your editing skills. Simply move that skill to the top.

The benefit of doing this rearrangement is to draw attention to the skills you want connected to yourself, highlighted in the order you want them to be seen. 

2. Request Revisions to your Recommendations
Look at the current recommendations on your profile. Are they a bit dated? Did you know you can ask for a revision? This might be a good thing to do to spruce up an older recommendation or have the recommendation call out different strengths. LinkedIn makes it easy to reach out and reconnect with the person who wrote that original recommendation. To start the process,  click View Profile and scroll down to Recommendations. Click on the pencil next to “Ask to be recommended.”

You will then see the current recommendations you have. Click the Ask for Revision box.



You can then type in your message in the box (as seen above). When you do this, it never hurts to ask if they would like you to also revise a recommendation (if you’ve written one for them in the past).  Never be demanding – you want to touch base on how they are doing as well and then politely position how you want them to focus on the revised recommendation.

3) Worried you might appear too dated? You can remove the dates of your education on LinkedIn. Click on view profile and then scroll to the education section. Click on the drop down. Instead of choosing the years you started and finished your degree, just leave it at year in both the “from” and “to” boxes and click save when you’re done. This tweak can also be used in conjunction with tip number one. You could remove dates and move a desired education to appear first (even if it wasn’t the most recent). The goal is to always position your profile with the most impressive and relevant information at the top.


Give these three tips a try. They don’t take much time, but can make a noticeable difference in how you appear on the site. As always, thank you for reading. Good luck in your job search!

Photo Credit: Pixabay

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