Making The Most of Mentions


Today we’re going to discuss how to use the ‘mention’ feature on LinkedIn.

  1. How to mention someone by just their first name
    The default for using this feature will include the person’s full name. You do this by using the @ symbol and then typing their name. A drop down box with their profile will appear. Simply click on them and it will show their full name (as seen below).


But, what if you have a closer relationship to the person and want to mention them less formerly using only their first name? No problem! Simply backspace over the last name and hit delete.

2) Don’t abuse the mention! Not everyone appreciates being called out in this way. Only mention someone when it’s appropriate. If someone won an award and you want to congratulate them in the comments – “Great job Sam Smith!” for example, that’s probably fine. Just don’t get spammy and type in multiple names just to draw attention to your post or comment. Be strategic and thoughtful about what you post and who you mention. Avoid overuse or random mentions. Remember, when you mention someone, they now get notified of the likes and comments for that mention.

3) If you want to stop anyone from mentioning YOU, it’s easy. The directions below are if you’re on a laptop/desktop. Doing this on a smartphone, the steps are a little different. For IOS and Android users, the directions can be found here.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

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