Play nice – one of many LinkedIn Member Policy Changes You Should Know About


Are you a LinkedIn user? LinkedIn is going to update its terms of service May 8th, and their official blog recently discussed a few of the upcoming changes in depth. Since we’re guessing that lengthy policy updates aren’t the most riveting reading, we’ll break it down for you in brief, layman’s terms.


Adhere to the golden rule
LinkedIn doesn’t call it this, but we do. If you’re an active or even casual LinkedIn user, you may have noticed that some users behave badly, making inappropriate and inflammatory comments. This behavior is never acceptable, but used to be more common on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. LinkedIn will be curtailing this negative activity, before it escalates. They have the policy broken down into five sections:
– Be Real
– Be Professional
– Be Nice
– Respect each other’s behavior and follow the law
– Respect LinkedIn’s Rights
You can visit their Professional Communities blog post section for specifics. As the site grows in popularity, members and usage, the fact that they have a no tolerance policy on abuse and are enforcing violators is a necessary step in the right direction.

User Agreement Update

In our view, the most pertinent change here is this:
“A new section has been added to the User Agreement to better clarify how we use information and data we have about you to make recommendations to you and others, including to suggest jobs for you and to suggest you to recruiters.”


Privacy Policy
In this section, LinkedIn offers a guided tour explaining the changes. They expand upon what they are allowed to do with member data. LinkedIn can legally receive data about you from partner companies that are affiliated with LinkedIn. This data is used “to provide you with new services and better features.” The policy also talks about social actions – this refers to your LinkedIn activity  (liking, commenting, sharing and posting).

“When you take a social action, we will associate you with the content, companies or people that you shared or followed, and we may also use that social action as part of an ad (unless your settings do not allow that).”

With all the personal and career information you post and share on LinkedIn, it’s important to know about changes to the site. This post just scratches the surface.  If you want to read in detail about all of the upcoming policy changes, the blog post outlining them can be found here.

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