Interview Advice From Recruiters


Nervous for an upcoming interview? Don’t panic – you got this! We asked a few of our recruiters for their best tips.

For initial phone screens/phone interviews
“My best advice is to be in a place where you have no distractions. Treat a phone interview as though the interviewer is sitting in front of you. Being able to “show” enthusiasm and interest while on the phone isn’t the easiest, but, with practice, it will land the second (in person) interview.”
-Corporate Recruiter, Oldcastle Infrastructure

Before the Interview
Research the company before the interview and prepare a list of quality questions to demonstrate your interest in the company and the position. Also, review the job description again, and be prepared to highlight how your skills/experience match the skills/experience that company is looking for.
Operations Recruiter,  Oldcastle Lawn and Garden

“Study up! Most people don’t look up the company or the products (if applicable to the role). The art of studying for an interview has been lost. It’s an important step – don’t ignore it.”
Corporate Recruiter, Oldcastle Infrastructure

At the Interview
“Be dressed professionally, speak positively about your job history, and have some good questions to ask!  Try to smile a lot, and listen attentively.”
 Operations Recruiter, Oldcastle Infrastructure

“I would say the key is to prepare.  Over prepare! Know the company, know the product, know the customer base.  Having a working knowledge of the company will allow for an intelligent conversation, connecting your skill set to their needs (the job). It’s very important to ask relevant questions.”
Corporate Recruiter, Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope

Post Interview
Send a thank you note or email within 24 hours of your interview. Get the business card from each person you speak to so you know their titles and correct spelling of their name. ”
Social Media Specialist, Rochester Recruiting Office

Bonus tip

As more than one recruiter mentioned, good questions are key in a successful interview.  Here’s a good list of questions you can ask.

Take heed of these tips to put your best foot forward. This is your time to shine!

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