Make Your Job Search Less Taxing


It’s that fun time of year again! Job searching is a lot like completing your taxes. No one wants to do it, but it’s a mandatory task. The good news is that there are things you can do to make the process easier.
1) Gather your materials
Step one involves making sure you have all the things you need to start your job search. When you do your taxes, you have to gather your receipts, W2s, etc. For the job search, you need to locate copies of your old resume, the job description of the role you’re applying for, as well as any other documentation related to the search (reference list, etc.).
2) Designate a spot to get started
Doing your taxes in a noisy room surrounded by your kids and distractions is not going to cut it. The same thing applies for your job search. You want a quiet, uncluttered area where you can concentrate and focus on the task at hand. 
3) Give yourself deadlines
A tax payer has the tax filing deadline looming over their head. While the job seeker’s deadlines are self imposed, they are just as important. It will help keep you on track if you set up a schedule of when you want things done. Otherwise, you risk procrastination taking over and your momentum waning. Your deadlines can be as simple as – Resume update completed by April 30th, Reference list created by May 5th, etc.
4) Control what you can control
A tax payer can’t control if they’re going to be audited, just like a job seeker can’t control whether they will be called in for an interview or picked for a job. BUT, both the tax preparer and the job seeker can position themselves in the best possible way. Over-claiming deductions is a big no-no tax prep-wise, just as fudging details on your resume is for the job seeker. In both cases, it’s about honesty, being forthcoming and attention to detail.
5) Patience counts
It takes time to do your taxes and, if you’re expecting a refund, time to get that as well. On the same note, it takes time to conduct a job search. Know this going in. A well paying, satisfying job doesn’t come quickly. However, it will be worth the wait.
6) Reap the rewards
The job search is increasingly competitive. Getting an interview, and that coveted job, is a big coup! It means you have outperformed dozens, if not hundreds, of other job seekers. Your reward is the job! For the tax payer, the reward is finishing that return for the year, possibly getting a refund, and, last but certainly least, not getting audited.

P.S. We know that job search and doing your taxes can be stressful. Need some motivation? Check out this list of Tax Day Freebies for 2018.

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