Use Your Phone To Land Your Next Job



Take advantage of your smart phone to move your job search into high gear!  Many features that can help with your career progression are only available on mobile. Let’s take a look at some of the newest options.

Add captions to video you post on LinkedIn
Videos are a great resource, but if you don’t have/use headphones and don’t want to distract others around you, it’s easy to miss out on. LinkedIn solves this dilemma by allowing you to add captions. Now, you can watch with the sound off and just read the closed captioning.  Click here for steps on how to add captions.

Share quotes on LinkedIn
This one is pretty cool! Simply grab a significant sentence from an article to share. This screenshot from the latest LinkedIn blog post shows how easy it is to do!


¿Hablas inglés? Translate Text
Don’t miss out on the conversation, even if it’s in another language. Use the ‘See Translation‘ button! It’s available in more than 60 languages, including Spanish, French  and Italian. This feature will be available on both mobile and desktop (currently in roll out to both users).

Manage Messaging
Wow! Lots of recently announced changes here.
1) Stretch the compose box to write longer messages
2) Send attachments. This is a big one! You can now send a PDF, DOC, XLS or PPT file.
3) Send a GIF or Emoji. Proceed with caution here. This is a professional site after all. However, in certain instances, and depending on the relationship, it may be appropriate. You can search for emojis by keyword, category or perusing the list.
4) Group messages – Click the plus (+) button (as seen below) and up pops suggested places and people to start a conversation with. Often, this will include your current company, college, recent message contacts, etc. Don’t forget that you can also use the @ symbol to mention someone. This will automatically bring up their profile.


One caveat – while we are big proponents of the mobile job search, there are some instances when it’s best to use a computer. One case in point – online applications. Often, it’s the easier and preferred method to apply. If you’re having trouble filling out an application, it’s best to use your computer. Don’t have one? Head on over to your local library where you can use one for free!

Photo credit: Pixabay

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