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Jason Herrman, Engineering Manager

jhWhat division do you work for?
Oldcastle Precast

What do you do in your position?
I get to help our company succeed. I work on a variety of large-scale projects and projects that have national products in them, while my team handles the engineering and drafting.  I am also lucky to help out other locations when they are overwhelmed or need some help to get through a difficult time.

When did you join Oldcastle? January of 2012

Where is your job located?
I am lucky – my job is located in beautiful, sunny Colorado!  I have the privilege of working on projects located all over the country.

Can you describe your career progression here?
I started as an EIT (Engineer in Training) after getting my masters.  As an EIT, I helped out doing designs for some of our locations. I started getting involved in product development and worked on several products, which led to helping our sales team with engineering.  While working to support the sales team, my team expanded and our portfolio of work also expanded. We developed more products, and continue to support in any way we can. That is how I got to where I am now.

Christmas 055What do you like about working here?
Great people. Great location. Great company. Oldcastle is a solid company with lots of room for growth. There are endless possibilities within the company and our parent company, CRH. I enjoy the job I do and have a great work/life balance.

What are the best parts of your job?
I get to be involved in really unique and large scale projects. We are challenged to come up with new ideas and new ways of turning a cast-in-place concrete design to a precast concrete design. This often requires critical thinking and can be quite a challenge.

Have you worked on any unique, high profile or interesting projects?
Yes. You can see here (above) some photos of a few very complex and large vaults that we designed and produced. I also developed a ballistic wall product line.    

What advice would give for an Engineer who wants to work for us? Why should they choose Oldcastle?
Precast Concrete is not boring! It is fun work with lots of responsibility and lots of variety, and it’s founded in a company that treats you well and offers a lot of growth opportunities.

Is there anything else you want to share about yourself?
I lived in Sudan for a couple of years doing non-profit work building a school. It is what led me to study structural engineering and gave me lots of experience with concrete.

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