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6 Lessons From Black Friday For Job Seekers


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Love it or hate it, Black Friday is a big day. This annual quest for gifts at bargain basement prices can teach us a thing or two about embarking on a successful job search.

1) Be Prepared
To get the best deals on Black Friday, you need a plan. You go through the store’s ads, figure out what you want to get and which stores to go to. The same thing holds true for your job search. To be successful, it helps to organize your contacts, which job openings you want to target and your plan of  attack.

2) Enlist The Help Of Others
Many Black Friday shoppers divide and conquer. Your mom goes to Target, while you wait in line at Kohl’s.  As a job seeker, you can do the same thing. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. If you’re unemployed, post on your social media accounts the fact that you’re looking for a job. If you have an interview at a company, ask your friends if they know of anyone who works there. You don’t have to go through the process alone!


Photo credit: Depositphotos

3) Exhibit Patience
What if you were in line waiting for a TV on sale and knew only 200 were available? You get to the front and they’re all gone. Yes, it’s extremely disappointing and you’re mad! But, you also know you have other items on your list. Do you give up and go home? No, of course not! You go to the next store to get the next thing on your list. Adopt the same mentality for your job search. Yes, it is devastating to not a get a job you want, especially if you’ve interviewed for it and thought things went well. Remember, the job search is not an exact science. Things are often out of your control. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and continue on with your search.

Black Friday shoppers expect to wait and are prepared with coffee, blankets and whatever else they need to be comfortable. To get the good stuff, they understand that a certain amount of discomfort is part of the process. The same holds true for the job seeker. You have to get into a mindset that the right job is out there, but it may take some time to get it.

4) Evaluate Your Progress
Many Black Friday shoppers will tell you that they made mistakes their first time out. There is no shame to improving your game plan. If you’re not having any luck, it’s time to go over your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and interviewing skills to see if you can tweak them or do things differently. And, don’t forget your college career center! Even if you’ve graduated, you can always go back. Your local library also has a wealth of resources for job seekers.

5) Celebrate Your Successes
Many Black Friday shoppers cap a successful shopping excursion by going out to breakfast. It’s important to reward your hard work and effort. Even treating yourself to a cup of coffee or cocoa after a good interview or when you’ve written a solid cover letter can give you that extra pick me up you need.

6) Show Gratitude
There’s no doubt about it – the job search can be a grind. When you’re feeling discouraged, think about the things you have in life that make you happy – friends, family, your health, etc. Even the most exhausted Black Friday shopper knows that gifts are great, but it’s the people getting them that is the real reason for their shopping adventure in first place.

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