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CRHCRH is the parent company of Oldcastle. It is is a leading diversified international building materials group, employing 93,000 people at 4,000 operating locations in 37 countries worldwide.

Other key facts:

  • CRH is the largest building materials company in North America and the third largest worldwide.
  • The Group has leadership positions in Europe, as well as established strategic positions in the emerging economic regions of Asia and South America.
  • CRH is committed to improving the built environment through the delivery of superior materials and products for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure, housing and commercial projects.
  • A Fortune 500 company, CRH shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

Learn more about the history of CRH in this short video clip:

CRH operations:
In Europe
– Heavyside
– Lightside
– Distribution

In America
– Materials
– Products
– Distribution

To learn more about CRH, visit: http://www.crh.com/

Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With more than 2,000 locations throughout North America, we are in constant pursuit of the next generation of successful decision makers, leaders and problem solvers. Learn more about joining the Oldcastle team HERE.

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