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Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions

OldcastleStormwaterSolutionsLogoOldcastle Stormwater Solutions is a subsidiary of Oldcastle Precast, Inc. We provide innovative products and solutions for stormwater management, including:

– Inlet and Media filtration
– Bioretention/Biofiltration
– Hydrodynamic Separation
– Detention/Infiltration
– Permeable Solutions
– Harvesting/Reuse
– Erosion Control

1993  Originally known as KriStar Enterprises, we were founded in Santa Rosa, California. Since the introduction of the Fossil Filter, we have continually advanced new and creative solutions for the treatment and management of pollutants from stormwater runoff for construction and post-construction applications.
2014  Oldcastle Precast acquires KriStar assets – which include 3 manufacturing locations and a maintenance division, Drainage Protection Systems (DPS), and is renamed Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions.

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360 Sutton Place   Santa Rosa, California  95407
Oldcastle Stormwater Solutions

About Oldcastle Precast
Oldcastle Precast is the leading manufacturer of precast concrete, polymer concrete and plastic products in the United States.

About Oldcastle (our parent company)
Oldcastle is North America’s largest manufacturer of building products and materials. With more than 2,000 locations throughout North America, we are in constant pursuit of the next generation of successful decision makers, leaders and problem solvers. Learn more about joining the Oldcastle team HERE.



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