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Erin Pummell, Operations Recruiter

ErinPWhat do you do in your position?   I am an Operations Recruiter for Oldcastle Lawn and Garden. I review applicants who apply for the hourly production roles, phone screen qualified candidates, and send candidates who would be a great fit for the role and for Oldcastle over to the hiring managers to go through the next steps in our process. I also post jobs and source for hard-to-fill roles when there is time.

When did you join Oldcastle? May 2017 

Where is your job located? Rochester, NY

What do you like about working here? I love the team atmosphere and how helpful everyone is! I felt 100% at home after my first day because everyone I met was so kind, helpful and caring!      

What are the best parts of your job? I really enjoy searching for candidates and learning their stories. I love helping to find talented individuals to contribute to our company’s awesome culture.  

What would co-workers say about you? I hope they would say that I am helpful and that I contribute to the team! 

What was your first job ever? I was a data entry clerk at my parents’ corporation in Georgia. 

Do you have any fun or interesting work stories? When I was a student ambassador at my college, we usually worked evenings calling prospective students. I found a button under the desk I was sitting at, and spent several minutes repeatedly pushing it. Then, all of a sudden, a campus police officer rushed into the building and asked what the emergency was. We were all so confused. It turns out that the button I was playing with was the panic button in the building!  

Would you like to share anything about your family? I grew up in Georgia with my parents and my two sisters. My younger sister and my mom currently live in New York, about two hours away from Rochester. My older sister still lives in Georgia. I also have a husband, Sean, and two fur babies, Christabella and Ella. We all love to spend time together, hosting family parties or just hanging out!

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