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6 Spring Training Tips For Your Career

Blackboard Time to get back in the game! We can learn a lot from athletes getting ready for the upcoming season. Whether you’re actively seeking a new job or just want to move forward in your career, follow this advice to hit that home run.

1) Better weather means easier opportunities to network. We get it. During the long, dark days of Winter, it can be easy to hibernate. Who wants to go to a function when it’s freezing out? This Winter was an especially frigid one for many parts of the country. Take advantage of the longer days and better weather to get out there. Where to start? Check online, your newspaper, local alumni group, business alliance, meetup.com and LinkedIn for professional events you can attend. Start small if you have to. Make a goal of attending at least one new event per month.

2) Recommit to your team. Finding a job should not be a solitary play. Just as one player or pitch won’t win the game, isolating yourself and thinking you can go it alone will only hinder your search. Involve your family, friends and former colleagues in your search.

3)  Practice makes perfect. Professional players make the game look effortless, but we all know it’s not. Your first round of resumes may not get a hit. Don’t give up! Have you tweaked your resume to fit each position? Are you applying for jobs that are a fit? Show your resume to a trusted friend, enlist the help of your college placement office or seek professional resume writing assistance. You’re in this for the long run. Be patient and remember that the job search takes time and has its ups & downs.

4) Create the right mindset. You may be on the bench for now, but remember – this is only temporary. Not every baseball player is in the game all the time.

5) Listen to the coach. Just as a coach leads his team, you have to lead your career direction, progression and job search. You are your own coach. Create a schedule for your search and stick to it. For instance, commit to a certain number of hours a day for reaching out to contacts, applying to jobs and following up. Think of it as your own training schedule. The job search is its own game, with its own set of rules.

6) Analyze your plays. Is there something you could have done differently? Maybe you were thrown off by a tricky interview question you weren’t expecting. No worries! Research answers to common interview questions at monster.com or careerbuilder.com.  Professional players don’t just go to their locker room after a game and call it a day. Post game is when the real learning and plans for improvement take place.



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